mnemonic splinters


Performative piece and cassette conceived in collaboration with Sotiris Gonis
Hyperspace, IKLECTIK Art Lab, London

Sotiris creates a visual score based on memories around scent that were sent by Hyperspace peers. We invite the group to activate the score sonically.
The resulting live sound performance is recorded simultaneously by both of us using different devices from various angles, translating space into sound and creating two variable records of one ‘event’ in time. As the event day progresses,
we transfer our separate digital recordings onto two sides of an analogue magnetic cassette tape as a performative silent gesture. The tape is then replicated and given to each peer/performer to take home at the end of the day. The cassette, a partially obsolete medium activating childhood memories of the group, is at once a relic in itself, a record of coming together, an art object and a sound carrier that can be overwritten by new memories.

Two versions of an accompanying riso poster present ‘scent memories’ in their original, linguistic form.

Approximate duration of live activation : 15’